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Established in 2017, Grind Legacy Apparel operates on two planes - a diverse lifestyle brand for men, women and kids and also as a platform to help people create their legacy.

This photo marks the exact moment when Grind Legacy was born. 

Grind Legacy Apparel was founded by Dwight Womack, a former collegiate athlete, father, husband, and entrepreneur who learned the meaning of hard work at an early age. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Womack has been involved with several entrepreneurial ventures beginning at age 13.

After going through several unforeseen circumstances such as going through a layoff from two jobs and the loss of several love ones from 2014-2017, Womack methodically changed his life through four principles that are now the pillars of Grind Legacy: Educate, Execute, Endure, and Empower.

Realizing that growth is on the other side of adversity, he embraced the concept of “Failure is Necessary.” This involved creating a paradigm shift that would allow individuals to use failure as a learning experience and not as a moment to quit.

Grind Legacy quickly became an extension of Womack and his beliefs by being willing to make necessary sacrifices to create legacy. Womack seeks to change the current landscape of community and apparel while operating under the philosophy of “Failure is Necessary”.

Our mission is to help individuals reach their max potential by equipping them with the tools necessary to succeed, so join us as we set out to create our legacies together!

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